How a British Teacher used a strange "smart sleep powder" to save her health and career

“I know this sounds unbelievable, but in some ways, this stuff saved my career and possibly my life

By Graham Harris, Seattle, WA.

Published 2 days ago,

There never seems to be enough time to get things done….


Whether you’re someone whose 9 to 5 is more like a 9 to 8,  a business owner, or a parent, life's demands can be unforgiving to us.


And while sacrifice is an admirable trait of growth, compassion and success, sometimes the idea that more is better can become dangerous…


We straddle the line between determination and danger.  


More often than not, sleep is the first thing that is unfortunately the collateral damage in our pursuit to make things work. 


What many don’t realise is that the ramifications of sleep deprivation can be devastating. And not just in terms of how we feel and function at that moment, but in terms of our fundamental long-term health and wellbeing. 


A 2010 study showed that a short duration of sleep is a significant predictor of death (1).

What many don’t realise is that continued bouts of poor sleep have an accumulation effect over time. It drastically worsens various critical markers of health, like inflammation, stress and insulin sensitivity. And it’s also linked to various mental health disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. 



So, not only does sleep deprivation wreck our ability to function and get through the day, but it can also set us up for serious health issues later down the line. 


And while it’s widely agreed that managing the pillars of health is key to a good night’s sleep, we sometimes need a little extra help. 



But Unfortunately, many over-the-counter ‘sleep aids’ have side effects or highly addictive properties. Some can even disrupt our brain’s neurotransmitters, increasing the likelihood of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. 


Fortunately, there is a solution. 

This New Natural “Sleep Powder” Lowers Stress and Boosts Sleep Quality – Without Side-Effects, Addiction or Morning Drowsiness

I was struggling with stress, sleep and my mental health for several years…largely because of my job as a teacher.


My job was so physically and emotionally draining. Between the endless to-do list, pressure from management, or dealing with difficult students there was always some sort of conflict or issue on a daily basis.


And if anyone knows anything about being a teacher, it’s that the job doesn’t stop at 3.30. There’s just never enough TIME. Working until seven, eight, nine or even later, is pretty common.


I was in my third year when things got really bad. I think the job had just chipped away at me and I found myself a bit of a mess… 


I was working way too much. The role was consuming all areas of my life.


It affected my personal life. I found myself neglecting anything other than my job. My relationship, my diet, my hobbies and my friends. I had zero balance.  


And every night I was just incapable of switching off. Racing thoughts kept me up and I used to have pretty bad palpitations – even moderate anxiety attacks.


So, you can imagine I wasn’t sleeping well…  


It got to the point where I was having insomnia two to three days a week. 

I was a zombie during the day. Going through the motions, utterly brain fogged.  

Some teachers are pretty good at it, but I could never just leave work at work. And it wasn't like I was burning the midnight oil. I was in bed at ten or eleven latest, but I just couldn’t relax. 


And even when I did fall asleep, I would literally have work nightmares that would wake me up. So I’d get broken sleep at best. Rarely did I go a whole night without waking. 


The knock-on effect was real. I started drinking more. I gained weight. I was exercising less and eating comfort foods. 

Looking back, I was spiralling out of control…

My colleagues and the kids began to notice. I kept making mistakes, forgetting things, and even remembering being called into a meeting with management warning disciplinary action.  


Honesty, I’d already given up. Just accepted that ‘this is life’ and being tired all the time just comes with the territory of a demanding job. 


However, I was fortunate to have a really patient, and caring partner who intervened. 


He recommended this ‘sleep powder’ called Noobru Lucid which contained ingredients used in Ancient Chinese medicine.


Plus, it had a ton of 5-star reviews from people around the world. People who were going through similar struggles – or worse. 


I thought to myself: what do I have to lose? 


I also liked the fact it dissolves in water…I’m already taking other pills and I didn’t fancy adding to that


And all I can say is that it changed everything. In some ways, this stuff saved my career and possibly my life. I was quickly spiralling out of control. It’s not like I could just quit my job.

So who knows where I could have ended up?


Unemployed? Depression? Alcoholism? Obesity? It’s not like these things are uncommon. 


I don’t know if this is the holy grail to curing insomnia, but it worked for me!

“I wake up more energized and motivated. My days are much more productive and fulfilling. And even on the bad days, I find myself more equipped to handle stress and fall asleep.”

Unlike a lot of ‘energy pills’ or ‘smart drugs’ that have the usual crash and burn side effects, Noobru Lucid doesn’t have any known side effects.    Of course, you should consult a medical professional if you’re unsure about anything…   However, because most of the ingredients in Noobru Lucid are 100% natural, and all have had scientific studies proving their effectiveness, this formula is perfect for virtually anyone who struggles with stress, sleep quality or insomnia.

People around the world are already using Noobru right now to restore their sleep and wellbeing

Tereza K
Tereza K
Austin 🇺🇸
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I’m absolutely positive that ‘Noobru lucid’ is helping me! My sleep now, seems deeper and longer. I will continue to take this…
Gary T
Gary T
Chicago 🇺🇸
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Definitely notice the difference in the quality of sleep when taking Lucid. Tastes amazing. Love that its formulated to be taken even with less water.
Molly B
Molly B
Boston 🇺🇸
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Tastes Great, puts me to sleep within 30 minutes with obviously more REM Sleep per night

Many are feeling ‘noticeably calmer’ in just a few hours…

The ingredients in the new Noobru Lucid formula have ‘fast-acting’ properties meaning that it can give you noticeable improvement within just a few hours.   Of course, it’s different for everyone. Some may have to take it for a few days to really feel the effects.   But most Noobru users are able to go from brain fog to crystal clear mind in under 90 minutes
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Noobru Founder, Martyn Cook was interviewed by NBC.

It’s been approved & recommended by Doctors

When Noobru were formulating their Lucid formula, they consulted with various doctors and medical professionals to make sure they had the most potent, fast-acting formula anywhere on the market today.   Which is why Noobru Lucid is approved and used daily by busy individuals who suffer from stress and sleep issues to help their brains unwind and get a good night’s sleep, without the addiction or morning drowsiness from other ‘sleep aids’.
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Dr. Aarti, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Noobru has been featured in many publications including:

Noobru are so confident in their new formula that they’re offering everyone a 90 day money back guarantee

Noobru are so confident in the quality of their Lucid formula that they offer a 100% risk-free 90 day money-back guarantee for everyone who tries it.


According to Noobru, less than 1% of their customers ever take them up on this guarantee and most of them go on to become repeat customers after trying Noobru risk-free. 

We decided to test it ourselves
is it all hype?

Analysis By Michael Bates

Science Correspondent

With so much praise from the media and countless reviews from people experiencing success with Noobru, we wanted to verify whether this was all hype. 


Practically everyone in our building volunteered to test it out, but we chose our Science Correspondent, Michael.


Below is his account of using Noobru over a 6 week period.

The Noobru sachets arrived within 3 days.

Week 1:

I thought about trying Noobru for a while after seeing some of their ads online. My job is super busy and I’ve always been a bit of a bad sleeper. 


I’ll admit I was really sceptical at first, but I was getting fed up with the chronic exhaustion and being a step behind mentally and physically. I decided to give it a try. 


I drank it post dinner and after about 30 minutes, I felt the effects kick in. It didn’t have the sedative effects that other over-the-counter or prescription pills have. But I felt noticeably calmer and more relaxed than usual. 


All the stress and overthinking that usually keeps me wired weren’t as pronounced. But I couldn’t be sure at the time if this was a placebo effect.


I can say though I got a decent night’s sleep. And I didn't experience any of the morning fog that can spill over into the next day with other supplements.

I was pleased to see that the packaging is eco-friendly.

Week 2:


I’ve tried other supplements that worked in the beginning, but then died off after a week or so. I was concerned Noobru would be the same. To my surprise, I’m experiencing consistently good sleep and woke up fresh every single day this week so far. 


Yesterday, I had probably one of the best sleeps in recent memory. I’m one of those people who have that ‘night watchman syndrome’. Getting to sleep wasn’t the main issue, staying asleep was. The feeling after a night of unbroken sleep is life-changing. I’m talking about the kind of sleep where your head hits the pillow and, all of sudden, morning hits and you think to yourself, ‘that was quick’. That’s the kind of sleep I’ve been having lately. 


I haven’t changed my diet, exercise or work schedule. As far as I can tell, these results are only from Noobru.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Cherry taste.

Week 4:  I’m pleasantly surprised!


Even after 2 weeks I was still feeling the effects of Noobru. Previously, I would barely remember my dreams. Now, I’m experiencing the craziest, most vivid dreams! I guess this is what lucid dreaming is?! 



Noobru has me waking up more motivated and able to focus on the things I need to do. I’m actually getting through everything and having more time and energy for the gym – no more guilt from skipping sessions! 



I just feel less stressed in the evenings and able to keep my mind off of work. I thought my body would get used to the ingredients and result in less effectiveness. But my sleep quality has been consistent. 

I am completely converted and will be ordering more today.

Week 5: I’m starting to wonder what’s in this stuff!


I think I had my first real lucid dream. Without getting into details, it was pretty bizarre, cool, and strange. But amazing sleep and lucid dreaming aside, the biggest change is my appearance. I just look better. The bags have disappeared under my eyes, my skin’s better and I have a much healthier glow. Which I know is attributed to the enhanced sleep I’m having. It’s mind-blowing how much has changed in just 4 short weeks. 



It’s not like I still didn’t have the odd stressy moment or 3 a.m. wake-up. But Noobru, has definitely improved my overall sleep and lowered my stress and anxiety.  

In conclusion:

Over the past 6 weeks, I found myself calmer and sleeping like a baby on most nights. The morning brain fog and exhaustion were no longer an issue. My stress and anxiety were significantly reduced. I felt happier and more in control of myself, which translated to more productivity and better performance. But the thing I really didn’t anticipate was how much my physical appearance had changed. I guess beauty sleep is real! 



As a result, I’ve enjoyed my work so much more and my mood has improved drastically. I’ve got more confidence in my appearance and have been able to exercise more frequently. I now mix it in with my chamomile tea every night and it tastes great. 



So, I can wholeheartedly say to anyone who struggles with sleep and stress, however bad, should definitely give this a try!



This limited time deal is in high demand and stock keeps selling out.

Peter F
Peter F
Raleigh 🇺🇸
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This product worked better than expected. If I was asleep, rather than waking up to go to the bathroom or even to adjust my cpap I either didn’t wake up or woke up less.
Martha C
Martha C
San Diego 🇺🇸
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2.5 weeks of trying seems to have the effect that my dreams are more interesting than usual and nightmare themes are gone. This does not apply to the two nights when I don't take Noobru Lucid.
David H
David H
Dallas 🇺🇸
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Experimenting some days with and without, I think Noobru Lucid makes me sleep deeper and make my full hours of sleep which is a problem without. I have noticed feeling better rested og clear when taking Noobru Lucid. On that basis, I can only recommend the product. Good taste also.

Noobru are so confident in their new formula that they’re offering everyone a 90 day money back guarantee

Noobru are so confident in the quality of their Lucid formula that they offer a 100% risk-free 90 day money-back guarantee for everyone who tries it.



According to Noobru, less than 1% of their customers ever take them up on this guarantee and most of them go on to become repeat customers after trying Noobru risk-free. 

UPDATE: After initially posting this story Noobru has been flooded with orders and has struggled to keep up with demand. We did find one website who still supplied the product, which you can access here. I’d encourage you to order as much as you can to avoid them running out of stock.

Ella Alshot · Nashville 🇺🇸

I have been taking Noobru Lucid for a few months, I love it, I am happy to say, it's transformed my sleep! I have tried SO many sleep remedies over the years and have always been disappointed… I can honestly say, this is the only thing that has actually worked! I highly recommend this company..


Deborah Eastleigh · Atlanta 🇺🇸

Skeptical at first… I’m a believer now though Really did help break the no sleep cycle. It's very tasty and didn’t leave me drowsy in the morning!


Ciaran Leitch · Charlotte 🇺🇸

Avid believer! Amazing products but need to mention customer services are really quick to respond and helpful too!


Steven Triggle  · Phoenix 🇺🇸

It tastes AMAZING and WORKS Slept like a baby, and none of the waking at 4 stuff. Big relief!



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