How a British Programmer Used This Strange New “Smart Powder” to Beat Procrastination and Save His Career

“I thought procrastination was something I just had to put up with.. Now I know the truth!

By Graham Harris, Seattle, WA.

Published 2 days ago,

(You're lucky if you DON'T know this… )


But anyone who deals with procrastination knows the stinging feelings that come with it… 











…the list goes on. 


These days, the ‘P word’ is casually thrown around.


Almost everyone says they’ve ‘procrastinated’ at some point in time. 


But here’s what very few people know…

Severe procrastination affects 15-20% of the population.

but it’s not because you're ‘lazy’ or ‘lack discipline’... It's something else

Here's Why You Really Procrastinate…


Procrastination is not just laziness. It's our brain acting like it did when we had to escape dangers long ago.


Our limbic system, part of our brain, loves fun and hates hard tasks. It helped us survive in the past, but now it can make tasks feel scarier than they are.


The part of the brain that helps us work, the prefrontal cortex, can be overpowered by the limbic system when we're stressed about tasks.


So, if a job feels too tough and makes us want to put it off, it's because our limbic system is in control.


But don't worry, there's a way around this.


There are lots of apps and advice to help us work better. But now, a strawberry-lemonade “focus drink” is gaining massive attention and popularity online…

This brand-new “smart powder” can unlock laser-focus…in just 30 minutes.

I was what you would classify now as a ‘chronic procrastinator’.  


As a child, I was a smart, high-achiever. But in high school, procrastination crept in. I was always behind, and it didn't improve in university. I even repeated my final year, causing disappointment and embarrassment.


After graduation, I found work in recruitment, but missed countless opportunities due to delaying tasks. As a home-based programmer, the cycle repeated. Social media and videos became my escape from real work, leading to missed deadlines and a 3-month probation.


Productivity apps and strategies failed to fight the resistance in my head. I was desperate. Then, I found a “focus drink” with ingredients endorsed by neuroscientists like Dr. Andrew Huberman.


The result? Not only did I keep my job, I even earned a raise. This drink, a game-changer, revived my career. I only wish I found it sooner.

"I can honestly say that now I have no issues with procrastination…it’s a huge relief. I don’t deal with that guilt anymore because I’m so consistent. I can’t even remember the last time I procrastinated."

Tereza K
Tereza K
Austin 🇺🇸
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I love the taste of Noobru Advantage and the way how energetic it makes me feel! It will definitely become part of my supplement regime.
Gary T
Gary T
Chicago 🇺🇸
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When I started my second week was when I really started to notice a difference. I was recalling things right away instead of having to think about it. My wife noticed things were better sooner than I did.
Molly B
Molly B
Boston 🇺🇸
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My husband and I have been taking this for a few weeks now and I can say our energy levels have improved! Focus has improved but not sure about my memory! Thanks Noobru

Unlike a lot of ‘energy drinks’ or ‘smart drugs’ that have the usual crash and side effects, Noobru Advantage doesn’t have any known side effects.



Of course, you should consult a medical professional if you’re unsure about anything…



However, because most of the ingredients in Noobru Advantage are 100% natural, and all have had scientific studies proving their effectiveness, this formula is perfect for virtually everyone who wants laser-focus, more creativity and a crystal clear mind.

Thousands of customers are already using Noobru right now to beat procrastination and get into ‘flow-state’...

...Many are feeling a ‘noticeable improvement’ in just a few hours

The ingredients in the new Noobru Advantage formula have ‘fast-acting’ properties meaning that it can give you noticeable improvement within just a few hours.


Of course, it’s different for everyone. Some may have to take it for a few days to really feel the effects.


But most Noobru users are able to go from brain fog to crystal clear mind in under 90 minutes

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Noobru Founder, Martyn Cook was interviewed by NBC.

It’s been approved & recommended by Doctors

When Noobru were formulating their Advantage formula, they consulted with various doctors and medical professionals to make sure they had the most potent, fast-acting formula anywhere on the market today.


Which is why Noobru Advantage is approved and used daily by various Doctors, Neuroscientists, Entrepreneurs and Senior citizens to keep their brains sharp and their mind focused, without the usual crash and burn you get from other ‘energy solutions’.

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Dr. Aarti, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

Noobru has been featured in many publications including:

Noobru are so confident in their new formula that they’re offering everyone a 30 day money back guarantee

Noobru are so confident in the quality of their Advantage formula that they offer a 100% risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee for everyone who tries it.


According to Noobru, less than 1% of their customers ever take them up on this guarantee and most of them go on to become repeat customers after trying Noobru risk-free. 

We decided to test it ourselves
is it all hype?​

Analysis By Michael Bates

Science Correspondent

With so much praise from the media and countless reviews from people experiencing success with Noobru, we wanted to verify whether this was all hype. 


Practically everyone in our building volunteered to test it out, but we chose our Science Correspondent, Michael.


Below is his account of using Noobru over a 4 week period.

The Noobru sachets arrived within 3 days.

Week 1:

I sometimes struggle with procrastination at work and the other things that tend to come with it. Creative blocks, brain fog etc. So I've been looking for something that could give me an edge . I saw an ad for Noobru online and decided to give it a try after reading some positive reviews.


After taking it, I felt the effects kick in about 30 minutes later. It was like a switch flipped in my brain – I suddenly felt energized and focused, and my mental fog disappeared. It was a welcome change from the constant distractions and stress that usually plague my workday.

Best of all, there were no negative side effects as I've experienced with other supplements. I was also impressed by the eco-friendly packaging.

I was pleased to see that the packaging is eco-friendly.

Week 2:


I've tried other before that worked well initially but then lost their effectiveness after a week or so, so I was a bit skeptical that Noobru would be any different. But I'm happy to report that I'm feeling even more focused and productive than before.

I was able to power through a 10-hour workday with ease, something I never would have been able to do before. Noobru has improved my ability to concentrate and get things done, and I haven't even changed my diet or sleep schedule. 


Plus, the Strawberry Lemonade flavor is surprisingly delicious.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Strawberry Lemonade taste.

Week 5:  I’m pleasantly surprised!


I'm pleasantly surprised that after five weeks, Noobru is still working its magic. I'm getting more done in less time and feeling less stressed overall. Before, I would often start a task and then get sidetracked or lose motivation, but now I'm laser-focused on what I need to do.

Even better, my energy levels remain steady throughout the day, which is a huge improvement from my previous cycle of highs and lows .It helped me cut down my caffeine intake drastically (used to be on 3-4 cups a day). 


As a result, i'm less anxious and sleep much better which pays dividends. 

I am completely converted and will be ordering more today.

Week 6: I’m starting to wonder what’s in this stuff!


I'm starting to wonder what's in this stuff because the results have been incredible. Not only am I more productive and focused at work, but my memory has improved too. I used to be forgetful and scatterbrained, but now I can recall information with near-perfect accuracy.

Noobru hasn't turned me into a genius, but it's definitely made a noticeable difference in my ability to process information and stay on task. I never realized how much my procrastination and lack of focus were holding me back until now.


I'm completely sold on Noobru and plan on ordering more today.

In conclusion:

In conclusion, my experience with Noobru over the past six weeks has been nothing short of life-changing. 


By overcoming my struggles with procrastination and improving my focus and productivity, I've found myself bouncing out of bed in the morning and tackling the day with a newfound enthusiasm. Even things that used to stress me out no longer faze me, and I'm able to stay in control of my emotions and stay in peak performance mode.


The “flow-state” feeling that Noobru unlocks has made my work more enjoyable than ever, and my mood has greatly improved as a result. I've even been walking around with a permanent grin on my face, much to the amusement of my coworkers.



I've tried countless other smart drugs before, but Noobru is by far the closest thing to feeling like the guy from Limitless.



 If you're struggling with procrastination or want to improve your focus and productivity, I highly recommend giving Noobru a shot. It's an experience you need to have for yourself to truly appreciate its benefits.



This limited time deal is in high demand and stock keeps selling out.

Peter F
Peter F
Raleigh 🇺🇸
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Noobru has taken its place as part of my early morning routine. I certainly feel more alert and alive than I did 2 months ago!
Martha C
Martha C
San Diego 🇺🇸
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I bought this for my husband he has been taking it for two months and I see a difference, he has short term memory loss, he is a lot brighter and has more energy, I will definitely be buying more I can see the difference when he stops taking it for the two days. Thank you Martha
David H
David H
Dallas 🇺🇸
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Service was professional and helpful despite supply taking a little longer due to Covid related holdups. I am 68 and notice that my concentration to detail, physical energy and short term memory has improved since taking Noobru for over 6 weeks.

Noobru are so confident in their new formula that they’re offering everyone a 30 day money back guarantee

Noobru are so confident in the quality of their Advantage formula that they offer a 100% risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee for everyone who tries it.

According to Noobru, less than 1% of their customers ever take them up on this guarantee and most of them go on to become repeat customers after trying Noobru risk-free. 

UPDATE: After initially posting this story Noobru has been flooded with orders and has struggled to keep up with demand. We did find one website who still supplied the product, which you can access here. I’d encourage you to order as much as you can to avoid them running out of stock.

Ella Alshot · Nashville 🇺🇸

It’s definitely working! My husband loves the taste and hasn’t stopped talking about a new business idea – it’s definitely working! I want to try it now! 


Deborah Eastleigh · Atlanta 🇺🇸

Skeptical at first… I’m a believer now though I was skeptical when my daughter introduced me to Noobru – but she said it would help with my memory as I’ve been forgetting things lately. I’ve now had 4 great days in a row and I’m having less ‘umms’. I just know what I want to say, and I say it. 


Ciaran Leitch · Charlotte 🇺🇸

Avid believer! Noobru increased my productivity by increasing my energy levels and helping me focus. I am an avid believer in this product and highly recommend it.


Steven Triggle  · Phoenix 🇺🇸

It tastes AMAZING and WORKS I’m a first-time user of a nootropic and when I saw a drink version I had to try it! I definitely notice the effects… especially in the gym! Been super focused. It’s part of a morning ritual at the office now!


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