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Is This Doctor-Approved Nootropic The Fastest Way To Boost Memory?

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"Things have just kept improving.... as a bonus it tastes great"

by Steve S, April 30th 2021


Been on Noobru for 6 months now. Before, energy wise I was all good but was having stress, forgetfulness and/or not focusing.


It would have been approx 1 month in was noticing that I was just powering through emails and remembering peoples names (I was useless at that) and my reactions went through the roof….a cup “slipped off the desk” I literally snatched it out of the air without “thinking”! 

Slash your brain age by 12 years in 12 weeks?

Noobru Advantage contains ingredients that studies have shown can effectively reverse the effects of aging on your brain. A study from Stanford found that one of the key ingredients in Noobru Advantage reduced the brain age of participants by 12 years in just 12 weeks! Imagine what it could do for you?

End all embarrassing “senior moments”

Sick of forgetting where you put your keys? Or always find yourself forgetting names? The ingredients in Noobru Advantage help your brain fire at it’s peak keeping you mentally sharp even as you age!

Slam the brakes on memory problems

One of the most important molecules when it comes to fighting memory decline is a TINY little phospholipid called Phosphatidylserine. It’s had over 17,000 studies that have shown its importance to maintaining our memories, but as we age our levels drop like a stone. That’s why it’s one of the key ingredients in Noobru Advantage!

Stop age-related brain shrinking?

Most people don’t know that their brain is shrinking! But studies have shown that certain “brain fuel” ingredients can have a positive impact on brain function and brain shrinkage. We include these ingredients inside Noobru Advantage!

Stay full of energy all-day

Find yourself feeling tired and low energy in the afternoon? With Noobru Adavantage you get a sustained energy release throughout the day to keep you sharp all day with no slump. Noobru Advantage is caffeine free too so there’s no crash or jitters to worry about!

"Skeptical at first... I'm a believer now though."

by Deb E,  July 28th 2021

I was skeptical when my daughter introduced me to Noobru – but she said it would help with my memory as I've been forgetting things lately.


I've now had 4 great days in a row – less “umms” – I just know what I want to say and say it.

We decided to test it ourselves - is it all hype?

Analysis By Michael Bates

Science Correspondent

With so much praise from the media and countless reviews from people experiencing success with Noobru, we wanted to verify whether this was all hype. Practically everyone in our building volunteered to test it out, but we chose our Science Correspondent, Michael. Below is his account of using Noobru over a 4 week period.

Week 1:

I thought about trying Noobru for a while after seeing some of their ads online. I’ll admit I was really sceptical at first but after seeing so many positive reviews on their site I decided to give it a try and order.

About 30 minutes after taking it, I felt the effects kick in. It wasn’t overpowering, but I just felt mentally sharp and switched on. I’d often find myself daydreaming and unfocused before but the mental fog and stress I’d been carrying around vanished instantly. I would sometimes get tangled up in my words when having conversations but after speaking with my daughter I could feel the words were coming out exactly as I wanted them to (my daughter noticed too). I wasn’t having any of the ‘senior moments’ like before and best of all, there weren’t any of the negative side effects like I get when taking other supplements.

Week 2:

I’ve tried other supplements before that were good at the start but then died off after around a week so I was a bit concerned that Noobru would be the same. Not so. This stuff is really helping!. I feel more focused and energized than I have in years. I’ve been waking up early and taking early morning walks and I feel fantastic!. I’m not getting the usual jittery crash that I get with coffee either because there’s no caffeine in this stuff! Noobru improved my ability to focus and function, and I haven’t changed my diet, exercise or work schedule. As far as I’m aware, these results have been only from Noobru.

Week 3:  I’m pleasantly surprised!

I’m honestly surprised…


I expected that the effects would start to wear off around now after I adapted to Noobru, but I’m still feeling very good. Much better than before.


The best way to describe it is that my brain feels fresh. I’m able to focus better on the stuff that I’m doing and not get distracted from the outside stuff.


Of course, it can’t do things for me. I still have to get up early to go on my morning walks. But I feel so much more energised and alert with Noobru that it doesn’t feel as difficult as before. 


It’s meaning that I can enjoy my own personal time much more than before, because my minds still fresh for those things. Only good things to say so far!

Week 4: This has been really eye opening for me.

When I first saw Noobru, it seemed a little expensive and I wasn’t sure it would work at all… 


It feels as though my brain has got younger! I know that’s impossible but this stuff has really helped me stay sharp.


I’ve got more energy throughout the day which means I’m not constantly snacking and my early morning walks have actually given me more energy (I would never have expected this).


I assumed the ingredients would wear off after a week or so but it actually feels like they’ve accumulated over time. I’m not a genus or anything but I feel the way I form sentences is much clearer and faster. 


My family and some of my friends have noticed it too. I had a habit for forgetting to lock my house when I went out and my daughter would pull me up on it when she came round sometimes. I haven’t done that once since I’ve been taking Noobru.

I don’t know if this just works for me but I recommend anyone giving it a go as soon as they can. It’s been great and you definitely have nothing to lose.


If I could go back I’d make sure to take advantage of their multi pack discount! It would have saved me forking out twice!

In conclusion:  Over the past 4 weeks, I found myself bouncing out of bed, sometimes even before my alarm went off because I couldn’t wait to tackle the day. Things that used to annoy me were no longer an issue. I hardly got stressed and when I did, I was able to control my emotions and get back into peak performance mode. One thing I didn’t expect was the “in the zone” feeling I got while doing work on Noobru. As a result, I’ve enjoyed my work so much more and my mood has greatly improved. In fact, my co-workers keep making fun of me for walking around with a permanent grin on my face. I’ve tried countless smart drugs, but this is by far the closest thing to feeling like you are the guy from Limitless. Don’t just take my word for it though; this is something you need to experience for yourself! I really recommend giving it a shot!


11 Great Reasons To Choose Noobru™ Advantage

We rigorously selected the 11 active ingredients in Noobru™, and worked with medical doctors to fine-tune the optimal doses to create the most effective yet delicious-tasting formula we’re proud of—a synergistic blend far more potent than the sum of its individual parts.

Alpha GPC

30+ Studies | 120mg in Advantage


250+ Studies | 200mg in Advantage


1,200+ Studies | 100mg in Advantage

Choline Bitartrate

40+ Studies | 250mg in Advantage

Vitamin B5

3,5000+ Studies | 30mg in Advantage

Huperzine A

610+ Studies | 200μg in Advantage


1,200+ Studies | 2mg in Advantage

Phosphatidyl Serine

17,000+ Studies | 50mg in Advantage

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

160+ Studies | 50mg in Advantage


1000+ Studies | 1mg in Advantage

Vitamin B6

5,700+ Studies | 2mg in Advantage

Approved By Doctors

Keto friendly

Zero calorie

Caffeine free

Gluten free

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Kyle F.   Verified Buyer


Great taste! Easy to use! Tearing the sachet is quicker than putting the kettle on! Worth a try.


Joanne T.   Verified Buyer

I Noticed The Difference

I have just had my first week of Noobru – and I am impressed! I struggle with brain fog and have a very demanding job. I have definitely noticed a difference. Thanks so much!


John M.   Verified Buyer

Feel Like a New Man!

I Love Noobru it's a great supplement – I feel like a new man!


Atul P.   Verified Buyer

A Game Changer

Great product and a definite boost to brain power.


Ian P.   Verified Buyer

Modest improvement.

I appear to have a modest improvement in my ability to recall words and information.


Alexander V.   Verified Buyer

To all sceptics: this really works!

I have ADHD and I tried many things (except medication). I must say, and this is a real honest opinion, this really works for getting a clear mind! You have a new loyal client for life!


Emil G.   Verified Buyer

Noobru works.

I feel much better during the day, and my productivity has increased. I will be placing another order soon.


Leesa E.   Verified Buyer

Noobru Brain Power

Been using Noobru for the last month at work – I run an Engineering company and all my employees love it and would love to have a constant supply.


About Noobru

Noobru is the brainchild of Martyn Cook, a serial entrepreneur who got tired of having to force down vitamins & pills every morning to try find the perfect ‘stack’ to help his mental performance. After years of suffering mixed results he decided to create his own doctor-approved formula to help people everywhere perform at their best every day.

Our Mission:

To Fortify 1 Billion Meals by 2025

1 in 3 child deaths globally are caused by malnutrition. That’s why we’re working with Project Healthy Children, who work with millers to add critical nutrients to flour as it is milled. Lives are saved and children can grow up healthy and strong like they deserve. What part do Noobru™ users play in this? Every purchase of Noobru™ will fortify a child’s meals for a year. That’s a very tangible difference!

Put an end to “senior moments”, memory issues, cognitive performance and low energy with Noobru Advantage today!

Boosting your performance and brainpower one drink at a time. We provide the nutrients your brain needs to function at its very best, as a powder supplement – just add water!
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