5 Surprising Reasons Why Cricketers Are Switching To This To Fuel Their Performance

The 5 big reasons why so many high-performers are getting rid of the sugar bombs and caffeine traps and turning to the 100% crash-free, delicious + doctor approved Advantage from Noobru™

1. Caffeine-free energy

Noobru™ Advantage doesn’t contain any caffeine, so you never experience the typical crash and burn you get from energy drinks. It’s specifically designed to give you calm, focused energy that keeps you “in the zone” while you’re at the crease…

Or in the middle of your spell.

2. Keeps you focused throughout your innings

Ever spent 50 overs in the field only to be a first-baller because you weren’t focused?


What a way to ruin a weekend…


And while we can’t guarantee you’ll hit a 50 ball century every time you stick the pads on…


We can give you a unique advantage.


Because Advantage’s ‘Focus Formula’ of active ingredients ‘team up’ to help give you sustained focus, even if you’ve spent 50 overs fielding at fine leg.

3. Natural ingredients

Unlike a lot of supplement companies, Noobru™ are very open about their ingredients and display them all on their website. All of these ingredients have been carefully selected on the advice of their medical advisors and have undergone many rounds of testing to find the perfect blend of high-quality nutrients. Noobru Advantage doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners, colours, or preservatives and is both vegan and environmentally friendly.

4. Scared to try something unknown?

If you want more focus and energy then you’ll be hooked on Noobru Advantage. We’ve had thousands of satisfied customers and some of them have gone as far as saying it’s ‘changed their life’. We’re that confident you’ll love Noobru Advantage that it’s covered by a 100% money back guarantee, which means you’ll love it or you don’t pay for it.

5. Thousands of raving fans who get a great deal!

One serving of Noobru Advantage is cheaper than a red bull, and doesn’t contain any of the rubbish that you get with typical energy drinks.

Thousands of high-achievers from around the world have made Noobru Advantage a part of their daily lives because of the amazing focus and energy it gives them. We have athletes in Cricket, Boxing, Golf, Football (and more!) who’ve shared how Advantage has changed their game for the better.

Some have even got their name on the honours board…

Will you be next?

"Exactly What I've Been Looking For!"

I struggle to stay focused during the day after about 1pm… Ever since I started with these nootropics I've been able to focus much better. I also noticed that my sleep improved a fair bit! I will be reordering for a while!
Angela S

"I can train harder and still feel good"

Definitely helps fight muscle fatigue / improve recovery, I’ve found I can train harder and still feel in good order the next day. As for the brain benefits… I do feel sharper with it! The body stuff though, definitely undeniable.
Raj K

"Made such a difference"

I’m the kind of person who’s always pushing for what extra advantage I can find, so when I saw an ad for this I decided to take a chance—and it was a good call! I’m taking on each day with a lot of extra energy, and knocking out my to-do list on a daily basis. I’ve already ordered more!
Damien T

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Wednesday 19th June, 2024

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